Vision:  Provide state-of-the art innovative care to increase survival with favorable neurological function after cardiac arrest

 Mission:  We partner with communities to change behaviors and implement data driven systems of care to improve survival with favorable neurologic function after cardiac arrest.

 Key Principles:

Current SCA survival is unacceptably low.

Neurological outcomes can be significantly improved.

Utilizing a comprehensive system of care alongside state of the art technologies will serve to protect people from death as a result of sudden cardiac arrest.

Correct application of high quality training ensure the highest survival rates.

Data is at the core of our ability to assess progress and quality of outcomes ensuring every life that can be, is saved.

 We commit to:

Implement new recommended Take Heart America interventions as they become available; to use them as intended and to report our findings. 

Fully participate in the Cardiac Arrest Registry to enhance survival (CARES) as a means of measuring our performance and sharing our data.

Celebrate survivors and heroic caregivers in our communities.

Share our successes with other members of the Take Heart America communities.